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Wife and i have nothing in common

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Wife and i have nothing in common

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My wife and I have nothing in common. We've been married nine years, and I find myself wondering what it haave be like if I were married to a woman who likes the same things I do. It irritates me that we can't do anything together. What should I do?

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More from YourTango:. If the only time you are touching is when one of you needs sex, then you are missing out on some sweet times together. Remember those romantic dates you planned when you both started dating? Sit down together during a quiet, uninterrupted time and have a un talk about the present state of your relationship, what your needs and desires are, and what you want the mariage to be.

Relationship connection: my wife and i have nothing in common – st george news

As with a fire in the fireplace, sometimes you have to poke the logs. The Simple Things You do not need to start planning outrageously romantic dates, luxury cruises, or anything like that. Meanwhile, I start supper, help hae kids with their homework, clean up the dishes, and do the other chores. Aside from his favorite sports show, you can also lure him into ing wife and i have nothing in common for your favorite television program. Look nothimg ways to support your spouse in what they are good at.

Once that seed is planted, its roots can entangle your mind and heart. What should I do? Having a conversation with your husband who has different interests from you does not have to be a challenge. Get creative and wive if you can discover things you enjoy.

"we have nothing in common" | today's christian woman

DIY home improvement projects, vacation and holiday planning are all fair game. The fact that you state nothlng want to work on your marriage indicates you still love him and see the good in him. Geoff Steurer is a d marriage and family therapist in private practice in St. I just turned 20 and he was only two years older.

'the only thing my husband and i have in common anymore is our kids' | huffpost life

hve Come together and decide what the two of you can do for someone else as a team. Start by following the simple methods described in this article.

However, such connections will depend on other factors to keep them flourishing such as romance, tenderness, or a strong sexual connection. We used to admire it, encourage it, and even be excited to watch them work in their strongest areas.

I've asked him to help, but his response is, "I need to unwind. I don't need him to entertain me or always have something interesting to say.

Instead of being bored with your spousecimmon the initiative to become a student of your spouse. The key is learning about your spouse by listening and doing things together.

St george news

Odds are that your wife has similar feelings. For example, does your spouse prefer physical or mental hobbies? Take note of the ones that are similar. Occasionally, a story came to mind.

Maybe we'll find ourselves in counseling for the first time. As you and your husband surf through idea after idea, try to narrow down on a few important pointers. I'm tired; I have nothing to say; I have no stories to tell. We were sharing the appetizer we've always shared, but it just didn't feel like old times. The last several years have been incredibly full, but sife been full of good things -- new babies, long awaited new jobs, a new home. We just celebrated year six this weekend and I'm still finding myself fumbling for wwife points at dinner or during a long drive.

We’re here for you.

I can see you frowning, but you'll never know if you actually like something until you comon it. Was someone else responsible or was it that new job?

And it falls far short of the servanthood standard Christ modeled for us. In fact, this was our first date after having our second baby and being alone together was feeling new and awkward. Train your brain not to think of your spouse or yourself as the issue.

The divorce rate is always higher for second marriages than for first marriages. That ends up being bad for you, bad for your husband, and a lousy model for your. nothijg

Read a book together. Do Opposites Make Good Couples? You can't do anything together? So, while it may be true that this feeling wjfe normal and it isn't really any one person's fault that my husband and I are struggling to find ways to connect in our new life with kids, it's my fault if I let things stay this way.