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What to do when you hit 120

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What to do when you hit 120

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Introduction The content in this guide will be applicable to all new players, but certain aspects can be skipped depending on what your focus in the endgame is, as well as whether or not this is your first character. Daily Objectives Upon hitting Levelthere are a of things that you should aim to complete every day, to ensure the fastest possible progression for your character. Emissaries Every day, a new reputation emissary will be active. These emissaries require you to complete 4 world quests of the active faction and then hand it in to the faction's quartermaster for a reward and chunk of what to do when you hit 120. You should aim to do these each day, as they are fairly easy and quick to complete, while giving a solid boost to your reputation gain and potentially granting you useful loot or Azerite Power. These emissaries will be active for 3 days upon becoming active, so you do not have to do them every day.

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Blizzard Watch is made possible by people like you. Then I do the current world boss for possible loot. It can help to cut down the time required for your reputation grinds and they can be purchased on the Auction House for very little gold. Thanks for your help, folks! You will still get the same end of week rewards from the cache, even if you failed the timer by a huge amount.

World of warcraft: battle for azeroth guide: what to do once you hit max level

Currently, Arathi is seen as the better Warfront, as it has a Heroic mode that awards a item level piece of gear for completing the "once per rotation" quest. There are 10 dungeons in Battle for Azeroth, and doing all of them on the hardest difficulty each week will give you the highest chance for good gear, quite a bit of AP, and even some faction reputation for your trouble.

If you bought a few wuat of gear on the auction house to replace some of your lowest gear, and your item level went up to There are several avenues for gearing up, and the fastest can depend on time, currency, and a whole bunch of RNG. Elite mobs. World Quests Outside of the emissaries, there may also be some World Quests that are worth completing for the rewards.

Simply a group while the battle is active and kill the enemy faction's NPCs or players whn gain progress. With all Benthic pieces, my world quest rewards jumped from ilvl up to ilvl, making it easier to grab gear outside of Nazjatar, too. Unlock all of the traits in your Azerite Armor. Get exalted reputation with every faction you can.

The majority of players doing these have a competent team comp, are very well geared, and will clear the islands much faster than you ever could as a fresh Level For crafted gear, there are three versions crafters can make:, and ilvl gear. Mission Table The Mission Table is fo extremely easy objective to complete each day and, depending on your chosen missions, you may even be able to do it multiple times per day.

Do this.

Start with Benthic gear, then do world quests World quests will reward gear that is based on your overall ilvl, and it scales as your ilvl increases. Here are the best ways to gear up a new in WoW.

You can find more info on the bosses in Eternal Palace below, in our EP guide. You can find out more information about Expeditions in our guide below.

Wow battle for azeroth guide: what to do after you hit max level - polygon

You can cap your Conquest through a of activities, including: Any form of rated PvP, including arenas and battlegrounds. Gear upgrades should be your priority if you have just hit Levelfollowed by Azerite Power, and then the rest. Another source of gear that you can queue up for solo is LFR. As your gear gets better, you can venture into longer raid runs, eventually clearing the raid, but for your first few weeks, try to make sure that you at the very least clear LFR until you no longer need any yok from it and the first few Normal bosses.

Depending on jit class, it can be a struggle d kill a lot of things by yourself. Finishing this will give you AP and unlock more follower missions for you to complete.

Just hit with awful gear. what to do? - shaman - world of warcraft forums

There are definitely ways to gear up for your brand new, just hit character. Warfronts Warfronts are somewhat of a special case, as they are not always active when you need them and the most important rewards you receive are independent of the weekly reset.

If you can find gear upgrades within your emissary's zone, then make sure to do them for wwhat. Weekly Objectives Battle for Azeroth has a huge amount of weekly objectives for players to complete, but those you choose to complete will depend on your end-game focus. Simply do whatever fits your playing schedule best.

That should also unlock Nazjatar quests. While both factions have access to hlt Call to Arms quests, which require you to kill enemy players within a specific zone, the Alliance have access to Against Overwhelming Oddswhich requires them to kill 25 Horde players in BfA zones.

Hou Expeditions You should make sure to cap your Island Expeditions bar each week, to ensure that you receive the Azerite Power reward, as well as the potential for a Titan Residuum treasure mission. This will allow you to get ilevel and up gear from the Greater and Lesser Old God Assaults which is nice on its own. This will jump up its ilevel and it will unlock the patch 8.

Horrific Visionswhich can reward up to ilevel gear if you can do a complete 5 mask clear. Unrated PvP, like Arena Skirmishes and battlegrounds, which grant increased Conquest for your first win of the day. From there, the fastest way to gear up is with Benthic gearwhich is what it was intended for.