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The chive mind the gap monday

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The chive mind the gap monday

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I hate that. But to him, The Chive is all about inclusivity, positivity, charity and selflessness.

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I've never seen someone so obsessed with anything before so this is all new to me. Why did I decide to post now?

Mind the gap : search results : thechive

When he gets that excited about things, he talks about it nonstop for a few weeks and then drops it. First off, I think theChive is great - I have no problem with it.

I just like to help people and I thought my explanation would be helpful to the original poster and to anyone else that saw it. He is so obsessed with it and making sure everyone knows he is a part of it he wants to buy a flag now to hang outside of our apartment Pics of me have been submitted by pals, I've never seen myself the chive mind the gap monday Chive yet, but I just attribute that to the fact that I'm 30, and definitely NOT hot enough for Chive.

They post a lot of funny things and seem to do a lot of good for people and charities.

What is it about it that people are so into? For two, I found your post because I was looking up to see what others do about their boyfriends that are obsessed with theChive and while you did not say your boyfriend was obsessed with it, I tye wondering how you handled it.

The site will launch with a super-meta video series about a startup trying to make thebomb. I do not know if you still want an answer or not but I felt compelled to reply.

Mind the gap : thechive

They post funny pictures, pictures of animals, facts about movies but mjnd they post pictures of Chivettes women. I have nothing against the site and what they do. I understand you are curious and appreciate your stating it as such so as to ensure I do not misread your post.

Thirdly, I'd like to reply to you skullshank and am sorry but do not know how you do the quote thing like you did so this will have to do. I just don't understand it His rabid fans proudly wear his brand across their chests and butts. To answer your question, theChive is a community of people mostly in ttheir mid to upper 20sthat are all over the world not sure if it is the world or just the US with chapters everywhere.

For one, I am very familiar with theChive. May I ask you to explain what draws you so much to it that you want to buy all the merchandise? As for the long post, I'm sorry.

He thinks the community is the best thing ever and loves all the pictures of women on there. As ignorant as it sounds, I honestly did not know that these forums existed. I didn't realize that my mondau bumped anything not even sure what that means to be honest.

I try to curtail what I say but I like to explain things as best as I can. That, my friends, is confidence.

Photobombs, So you got wasted, etc. He used to tell me "ooh tomorrow is hump day" Honestly, porn doesn't bother me.

As I said, my boyfriend who is 37 is obsessed with it. The best way to understand it is to attend one of their events. I don't have a problem with thee. I have never posted on any of the boards here before because in all honesty, I had no idea the boards existed until the other day when I was doing my search.

Gaps can help cure the monday blues (40 photos)

That's awesome that you like it so much and I'm sure you're hot enough for Chive or friends wouldn't submit photos. Sorry about that.

Also, excuse my ignorance but what does ETA stand for? I didn't realize that my doing so would cause a stir in things. But to him, The Chive is all about inclusivity, positivity, charity and selflessness. My writing so much about theChive was just because I mknd learned so much that I wanted to share and help other people because when I first heard of cgive, I was clueless and certainly didn't understand the culture.