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San diego lost and found

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San diego lost and found

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After a holding period, the animal may be made available for adoption. For further information on which organization handles animal control in your city, visit our Jurisdiction Chart. Please contact the shelter to learn more about stray animals that have been reported as found at

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Take These Steps Neighborhood Search: It is important to immediately check your neighborhood, quick action and personal involvement are key diegoo of recovering your lost pet.

Since stray animals are often brought to local veterinary offices for a microchip scan or medical care, posting flyers there as well is a good idea. One of them may be your pet! Use these resources to report a found animal saj to search our database of animals that have recently been reported to SDHS as Lost. It's an inexpensive way to always have your phone with your pet.

Lost & found | port of san diego

File a found report with the shelter, even if you want to foster while searching for the owner there are rules and laws about this. After a holding period, the animal may be made available for adoption. Pets often become scared and simply find a hiding spot and stay put. Alert your neighbors Let your neighbors know your pet is missing.

Animals without tags or microchips are held for three days.

Did you find an animal? Please contact the shelter to learn more about stray animals that have been reported as found at You should start diegl the shelter that covers the area your pet was last seen. Lost animals may also respond to familiar sounds like your voice.

Found pets are available for adoption after the stray hold period required by law. Craigslist or The Center for Lost Pets flyers is a great way to get a visual of your lost pet out in the local area where he or she has likely wandered into.

Lost and found

Next Steps Microchip your pet — they will never lose it. MTS will use its reasonable discretion in determining the value of all lost and found items. Then the shelter has annd way to contact you if the owner comes looking. When a loose or stray comes into one of our shelters we post a picture of it onto this website by the end of that business day.

If you don't have these, bring some other proof of ownership such as photos or medical records. If swn pet had medical treatment, a veterinarian or registered veterinary technician may provide additional information. We offer low-cost microchip services. MTS reserves the right to dispose, destroy or transfer to the appropriate enforcement entity any item that creates a safety, health or sanitary risk.

Lost and found pets database san diego, ca

Get a pet store dog tag. For other small animals, bring a secure carrier.

Regardless of why you believe your pet may have left home, walk the perimeter of your neighborhood to conduct a visual search for your animal. Please also post on Pawboost and Nextdoor. Be prepared to pay fees for at least some of the care including food, vaccinations, medical services, impoundment and licensing.

Lost & found dogs, cats, and pets in san diego, ca - page 1 | pawboost

Bring a leash to take your dog home. If you would ddiego to foster while searching for the owner, bring the animal into the shelter for a fonud scan and file a found report. File a lost report with the shelter and call the chip company right away to ensure they have updated contact info for you. At the shelter, copy the tag on its neck and the kennelthen take both s to the front counter.

If your dog or cat wears a tag that has his or her name, your name, full address and phoneyour lost pet will stand a san diego lost and found chance of getting home.

So, if the pet you lost is a dog, download this free app immediately. Thank you!

Your pet's I. You may buy an inexpensive leash or carrier at the shelter. If you do not have current proof, your dog may receive a rabies vaccination, if a veterinarian is available, and a dieog you leave the shelter. The police department will then hold the item for 90 days. Resource Links.

Lost and found | san diego metropolitan transit system

And be sure to keep a current photo of your pet in case he or she ever becomes lost. It helps to have extra sets of eyes out in the community to look for your pet. Injured or diseased animals that are suffering may be held fewer days. If founx by the owner after 90 days, it will be sent to public auction. Once an a We accept cash, checks, Visa or MasterCard.