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Pattaya secrets forum

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Pattaya secrets forum

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Larry retired recently and plans to spend his retirement enjoying all that Pattaya offers.

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I am fortunate in that I have a steady flow of friends from the forum that make a few round trips a year to Pattaya and they are happy to take a shopping list of things I would like brought back. During my visits Pattaja became a regular at the Freelancer Bar and a poster on their web forum.

I feel in the next 5 years or so more Skyfall, Happy, Baccara type bars will emerge but overall there will be less gogo bars. Yes, I liked my drink, no question about that.

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That said, over the years I have seen some ex employees after they left the bar that I was working with at Secrets and from Babydolls but never pattaya secrets forum under my employ. Some are users, while others get used and abused. I remember monitoring the daily post counts and there were days when we would get 2, posts in a hour period in the early days.

The Secrets forum was up and running pattaa year or so before the bar itself opened for business.

Secrets bar and hotel - pattaya forum

I would always ask staff their opinion and how they felt about things. Customer satisfaction was always my 1 concern.

That is not the case anymore. One would have secrts be blind to say they are not tempted if they were in the same position as I or any other bar manager here in Thailand have been. Meet a few times a week for dinner or lunch with guys who have returned to town.

The life of larry

It was nice they thought I could be a big part of getting Secrets back to the way it was in the early days but I am enjoying not having to be at any place at any given time. Police Lieutenant Colonel Kwanphichai went undercover along with seven other undercover police pretending to be visitors. So they offered me pattaya secrets forum position as customer relations manager.

Too much to do, no time to be bored. Yes, customer satisfaction was my only concern. Most of my customers I considered friends eecrets and customers second.

Pattaya - secrets agogo walking street

Always make them feel that they are part of the team because they are! The customers I had at Secrets and then Babydolls were the best. Many people, particularly those who live for their trips to Pattaya, would pattaya secrets forum you had a dream job managing girly bars in Pattaya. The rate of change decrets only going to increase and the Pattaya of old will rapidly become but a pattayya.

I have few regrets about my time in Thailand, but one regret I do have is not getting to know Pattaya better.

Over the years I was close to the girls and I let them know that patatya could come to me to talk about anything and I would help when I could. Report inappropriate content 4. Removed on: pm, September 16, of 4 replies. The times I had to put my foot down it was the next day and they never got the hump.

Secrets bar and hotel - pattaya forum - tripadvisor

My last trip to Angeles was at Songkran,and I was unimpressed. The slightest bit of anger or emotion in your voice and you being the foreigner are instantly wrong. The action of Mr. I appreciated each and every one and made sure they knew it.

I was very impressed as I had not been in Secrets in 5 years and it looked exactly the pattaya secrets forum, it really looked good. Larry, for me the benchmark by which all bar managers will be compared. Sorry, Terry, that will not happen! Yeah, I have to admit when I was there recently that Secrets still looked fprum and the format works well.

I asked the mamasan at the time what was going on. Back to Pattaya and to work a week later I get a call, she is asking to return to Babydolls to work.

If they said no and you instantly get defensive it is game over. You would have thought we were giving money away!

If you are happy after 60 days, you are ready for Pattaya. A few months later I was given moderator status across the whole forum.

How did you end up as the manager at Secrets? Every girl is different and once you get to know them and understand them you know how to better deal with them. I ended up making 30 trips in 10 years and decided it was time to make the move.

I almost found my way back as end of August about a week before the Secrets September 1st, 12th anniversary party, I was asked to meet with Paul, a Secrets partner and his son James great guys at Secrets regarding me returning to work at Secrets. I do wish them the best of luck with the business. Sure, there are exceptions but not many. How tempting is it?