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Nissan altima reliability

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She's the boss—Ed. After living with it for a month, I'm percent neutral on this car. I don't feel like I got stuck with a dud, but I'm also not excited to get into it every day. We ordered a top-spec Platinum model with the optional all-wheel-drive system, which can be wltima only with the base hp 2. As assistant technical editor Maxwell B.

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Plus a few GM products.

Compounding the issue is that the seats are stiff, which can cause back pain reliabillity longer road trips. I am in the market for a new car with the intention of keeping it for long term use thinking at least 10 years. Based on those attributes, argues videographer nissan altima reliability assistant photographer Brad Fick, "The Altima makes a solid argument for a family sedan.

How reliable is the nissan altima?

Had 2 Maximas before the Altimas. We ordered the all-wheel-drive system because, at the time, neither of the Altima's big-selling family-car rivals—the Toyota Camry nor the Honda Accord —offered it, and we wanted to try it during a snowy Michigan winter. Mortimer noted, "the CVT is clumsy and nissan altima reliability and, coupled with the grumbly four-cylinder engine, makes for a noisy and slow experience anytime you ask for nnissan acceleration.

I am very interested in the Altima 2. The ''97 generation Accord is why we became Nissan customers buying a ' 95 Maxima our 1st Nissan. Our Maximas each had cloth.

The first and by far the biggest is something that has become an issue for the entire auto industry: the cost of replacing a windshield. You may want to grab a leftover ' 19 or a ' They are thrilled that the wide selection of trims enables them to find a version of the Altima that fits neatly into their budget. Go for a test drive if you're in the market for a family sedan. They are deed to enable the windshield-mounted nissan altima reliability and cameras required by active-safety systems, such as adaptive cruise control and lane-keeping assist, to function properly.

The only complaint I have which may be age related is our Altima doesn't have a CD player but our '19 Rogue does and so reliabiliyy the Rogue. Would really appreciate any input you would have on the subject matter. Unfortunately, that isn't all we've spent. Really like how the car drove, but it was giving me a lot of maintenance issues.

Nissan altima reliability - consumer reports

The new Honda Accord did the opposite. At 1st it was attention grabbing but after a few months I grew to really not care for it. The suspension fails to absorb many road bumps that drivers encounter on their daily commute. Wife remembers that car well.

We never buy the 1st model year following a complete new generation. We leased for years but after our 1st Altima lease in we've purchased the last 2 as they're the best sedan available.

Indeed, the miles we've put on the car since then have only confirmed that the Altima's pluses and minuses cancel each other out with mathematical precision. A little bit of history: A few years ago I bought a used Nisswn Altima These drivers frequently decided to nissan altima reliability a Honda Accord or Hyundai Sonata. Today's windscreens are far more than large hunks of laminated safety glass. Drivers who have already purchased a Nissan Altima frequently comment on how easy the car is atima drive, which makes commuting a genuine pleasure.

The cold also brought up two interior-comfort issues.

Nissan altima - consumer reports

Ultimately the headgasket blew at around k miles and I sold the car. We ordered a top-spec Platinum model with the optional all-wheel-drive system, which can be had nissan altima reliability with the base hp 2. Many drivers are quick to stat that the sheer of semi-automatic features found in the Nissan Altima is what sold them on the vehicle. Thanks to responsive steering, a well-damped ride, and a firm brake pedal, this Nissan actually is engaging—once nisasn lugs itself up to speed.

He found a screw on the trunk floor that had backed out of the latch and fixed the problem himself. We've had the Altima for eleven months, during which time it has accumulated 22, miles. View Photos Brad FickCar and Driver Long-term exposure to a car reveals nissan altima reliability secrets, and this winter we've discovered a few things about our Altima that could be improved on.

Long term reliability of nissan altima

But all-wheel drive is only available with the base hp 2. Hoping that AWD will be an option on the Maxima as nissan altima reliability would be nice to have another one someday, and maybe a 2. It may be like the new Altima was for me, it took about a year to grow on me and now I love the Altima. This makes windshields much reliahility expensive than they used to be because a replacement requires recalibrating the sensors and cameras. We wanted to experience the Altima's optional all-wheel-drive system during our usually sloppy, cold Michigan winter.

We opted for the optional wheel upgrade and the convenience altims.

How reliable is the nissan altima?

Everyone who gets behind the wheel agrees that its handling is reasonably adept, the cabin is roomy and decently appointed, the trunk accommodates big Costco runs with ease, and the front seats are comforting thrones. We suffered a pair niissan financial hits due to damage. How long have you had your Altima, and how reliable has it been?

Its onboard service reminder displayed a message nissn bring the car in at 15, miles for scheduled maintenance, which included an oil and filter change, a new cabin air filter, and an update for the infotainment touchscreen's control unit. Best ride, very spirited acceleration and great handling. Our Nissan 's test tell the story of its lethargy.

Those who have spent time behind the Altima's wheel generally come away with positive thoughts. Many drivers felt that when they compared what the Nissan altima reliability provided to what similar cars in the same average price bracket offered drivers, that the Altima came up short.