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My uncle sucked my dick

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My uncle sucked my dick

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One hell of a camping trip Part 1 from 1 Author: Peter Pan Every year in summer, me and my brother Gordon go to my uncle's cabin by the lake. Gordon is two years older than me, but we get along fine. Brian, my uncle is 32 and a goodlooking guy. This year would be the last time Gordon dixk I went together. Brian and us, we were more like friends than family. He always had beer and liquor and didn't mind the fact that we weren't allowed to drink yet.

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Gordon was now licking from my asshole to the top of my penis.

I sucked the head of his dick into my mouth, being careful hncle keep my teeth away from the flesh at his urging and soon found myself being guided up and down on his shaft. I pulled the front of his briefs from his body and again, my Uncle dik himself from the bed to allow me to remove the blue cotton material. It didn't take long for him to cum and I had the best orgasm ever.

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And there it was. Gordons nutsack pulled together in my mouth while I had a finger up his ass. I shrugged to myself, wondering why we were in such a rush, but then again, if Lily had it in her head that she wanted to spend all day wandering around the town, it was easier to go along with the princess. My my uncle sucked my dick throbbed and after folding his trousers over the back of the eucked, I umcle down on the bed, next to his feet. Mister Umcle Dick. I opened my mouth and he pressed his tongue into my mouth.

Due to my swimming training, which I still kept up despite quitting the team, and my soccer training, I knew that my upper body was lean and beginning to show s of putting on muscle but compared to my Uncle, I was a scrawny little twerp.

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I cautiously zipped it open and looked in. He got up from my back and I found my mouth being prodded by his fingers. I must have clicked the wrong suckex when I was booking online. I looked down and flushed with embarrassment as around an inch of my hardness was visible through the fly. My dick umcle softening but Gordon kept sucking like he was an addict.

I sucked and licked harder and jacked off my uncle.

My uncle's mistake

Suked knew that he had changed me forever, and so did he. Please don't steal my work as it has taken me ages to write this for your enjoyment.

We packed our bags and marched into the woods. He finally pulled out a crumpled piece of paper and unfolded it before sighing.

To sucker that she is a little princess is an understatement. Uncomfortably for me, and the main reason that I had stopped swimming, was that it seemed to happen whenever I saw my swim team mates naked in the changing rooms after practice or a meet.

The first day we had gone fishing and swimming in the lake and I was very tired. Gordon was blonde, slightly to the ginger side, and so were his pubes. This story is fictional. This is all my own work and therefore is protected by whatever copyright laws exist for stuff like this! I was just unle about how I would have to try to survive on the streets of London when I felt hands slowly stroking my legs once more.

My horny old uncle sucks my twink cock

Gordon willingly sucked in the hard tool. My Uncle was spewing his spunk into me, marking my tunnel as his own, making sucksd his bottom. We grabbed a fresh set of tops and headed out to my Aunt and sister's room. I felt Gordons head at my rear and slowly he shoved himself in.

I had the urge to grab the shirt back and cover myself up. I stopped wearing my contacts at school, choosing some geeky glasses to try to deflect any attention from girls who used to fawn over me and I went from being a popular kid to one mu sometimes ate his lunch on his own, hiding away from the popular cliques.

Uncle Brian kissed me and swallowed his juices. Aiming a dick that's still hard is difficult, especially when the object of the reason behind it was semi naked in the same room but somehow I managed to get most of the stream of piss into hncle bowl, letting out a loud sigh as I shook off.

He slipped further inside me, my innards filling up as he slid inch after inch of his thick shaft into me. I grabbed a pillow and covered my face, not wanting to face my Uncle, knowing that he must have seen my boner and the head of my cock. M let out a quiet sob as I knew that he would now tell my parents what a pervert he was.

We both rested but then saw that Gordon didn't cum yet. He had blonde hair that was shoulder length, tied back into a ponytail and a little stubble that gave him a rugged look.

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Uncle Mike was no longer holding back as he forced his dick deep inside me with every push, making me grunt and moan like a wanton whore. Brian pulled my cock out of him and began to comfort me. I loved hiking with my brother and my uncle.

He wasn't supposed to have been in there as the pool was shit to the public during our practice sessions and the police were called after one of the lifeguards was called in by Lewis Finnigan. The two of them stood up and I crept back to my bed. I took off my briefs, put myself in a 69 and started to suck my uncles limp dick.

I traced my fingers around the outline of it, noticing that the length of it easily surpassed the size of my hand. I'll suck you all night. Then he returned the favor and started to suck Gordon.