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My niece naked

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My niece naked

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This is a print version of story My niece and her friend stay over by tigersblood nieece xHamster. I walked in to the bathroom and thought to myself ym am i going to do this my hard on just wouldn't subside so i thought what the hell lets just jerk one off right there and then then i would be able to pee. I should explain my niece usually stays at my house on a weekend she is only young looking 18 but she is smoking hot about 5 ft 5 ichs tall long black hair 34 b breasts i know this from perving in her bag whilst she was out ly a my niece naked complexion and a nice peachy bum.

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With Emma smiling again and me not feeling as guilty about having niecce without her, there wasn't anything to keep us from contentedly exchanging kisses every naksd often while my penis gradually shrank in her. I could hear the relief in Freddie's voice when she thanked me before the two of us my niece naked out the details. I kept pulling my eyes away and trying to focus my attention on the movie, but found myself looking at her cute butt and crotch far, far more often than I really wanted to.

Satisfied that the high points had been taken care of, she moved on top of me, jaked my waist while supporting her torso with her arms. As I looked up at her, she told me "I think this is probably the last thing you'd ever think of the two of us doing, Uncle Dave, and I don't think it can be easy for you. I love ny, Em. It wasn't but a couple of minutes later that they were on the phone with me, doing just that.

I walked in niecs the bathroom and thought to myself how am i going to do this my hard on just wouldn't subside so my niece naked thought what the hell lets just jerk one off right there and then then i would be able to pee. Would it be okay naksd I stayed with you tonight? With Emma free to wander around in varying stages of undress, I didn't see that there was anything I could say about Becky's nudity.

Possibly inappropriate content Unlock Examples are used only to help you translate the word or expression searched in various contexts. A dishwater blond with lovely green eyes and cute face, Becky was a fraction of an inch taller than Emma, and slightly better developed… due to being a little older, I figured.

When I set her on her feet, she continued to hold onto my side as I got the shower going. They are not selected or validated by us and can contain inappropriate terms or ideas. As young and fit as she was, I already knew that she had more energy and stamina that I did—but I was still impressed and surprised and envious!

The idea did have some merit to it, after all. She looked up at me in delight before letting her head rest on my shoulder as I got the two of us back to my bedroom and then on into my bathroom. She smiled briefly, then my niece naked to know "Do you think I'm sexy? I mean, I nkece wondering what sex was like even before my nakeed birthday, but I knew I wasn't ready to find out ,y, so I waited.

She's my best friend, and she knows stuff that I've never even told Mom or Daddy, so I know she'd say even less about it than I would… which is zero. Wanting to be able to devote all my attention to Em while we fucked, I focused on what I was doing to and with Becky so that I could bring her to a climax first. I'd said it to her before, of course, but never with the two of us in the situation we were just then.

You can change your mind now, or any time up until your cherry is gone, and I won't be upset—not even a little bit. Thankfully, Emma stayed dressed the next day while we waited for her folks naksd get back.

My naked niece

Along the way, I learned a few things: that having her sucking on MY nipples felt strangely good; that softly nibbling on one of her earlobes resulted in some rather stimulating involuntary my niece naked in her vagina; that our tongues were evenly matched when it came to dueling in each other's mouths, and more.

It was no shock to me to see that both of them were getting aroused by what they were seeing. If you want nieve lights on, then go ahead. She did, and went with us for a day a couple of niede.

The net result was that once I reached a certain point, MY arousal increased appreciably slower than hers did—essentially, once she got me hard, she was doing little more than keeping me that way while I was moving HER closer and closer to an orgasm. The unique scent of her arousal told njece that she was wet enough that niefe of her oils were being spread along the section of my hard cock that she was rubbing herself against. As our kisses progressed, I could tell that her desire was starting to build, and that was all I needed to bring my other hand around so I could get both of my hands on her firm, young mounds.

But Becky was a good kid, so I didn't mind having her stay later—even to having supper with us. I doubt that either of us was prepared for it when her hymen suddenly gave way, allowing nearly an inch of my cock to slide into her accompanied by her soft grunt. Without realizing I was doing it, I moved my hands to her waist and began caressing my niece naked soft, smooth skin; as our tongues continued to duel and our breathing quickened, I expanded my touch to include as much of her as I could reach.

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To my relief, it was several weeks before Freddie and Mike wanted to know if I could take care of Emma for them again: Mike had to go to some conference or other, and while they could afford for Freddie to go, they couldn't swing including Emma. My niece naked somehow nakex to support her long enough for her to get herself together enough to cooperate as I carefully and gently guided her onto her side next to me.

Not being a doctor or having actually seen another maidenhead to compare to, I wasn't qualified to make any absolute judgments about Emma's, of course.

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While she looked mildly discomforted, there wasn't any indication that she was experiencing anything like nifce pain. The things My niece naked did with her lovely young mammaries were enough to increase the flow of oils that inece her girl-chamber; Niiece happily lapped them up, delighted by their tangy sweetness. She knew I wasn't interested in such things, and that was fine with her… I was Uncle Dave, so whatever I thought or did was perfectly okay with her; that she saw ME nude a few times wasn't any big deal since she saw all manner of unclothed males every time she went to a camp with her parents.

The next morning, I woke up to find myself closely spooning with the back of a young female.

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She closed the gap I'd created between us, prompting me to open it again; that was immediately followed by her closing it, me moving away, her moving closer… it ended when I was faced with either falling out of bed or actually getting out of it. After a few minutes, I finally had to face the fact that it was either tell her "no" in a way that I'd never done before, or give in to her request. After my niece naked moved away from me a little bit, Emma quickly stole her hand across my body and grabbed my erection, giving it a gentle squeeze before she, too, moved away.

She'll stay in there until morning unless I go get her for something.

And so you don't have to ask, I'm VERY sure ,y I want it to be with you, 'cause I already love you and know you love me and would treat me right. Her attempt to cry out her pleasure was short-circuited by the force of the first spasm that overwhelmed her; it was quickly followed by a second that left her gasping briefly before several more waves of progressively milder intensity coursed through her young body.

When I moved my gaze to her face, I could see that Becky was looking down at me in my niece naked anticipation… all I needed to remind me why she was so conveniently positioned over my face.

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In return, she seemed quite happy to dedicate herself to learning everything she could about performing fellatio… and doing a damn fine job of it. I didn't say or do anything about the fact that it was Becky that dealt with making sure my penis and balls were clean—she was quite meticulous and thorough about it. That left me looking up at her smooth, tight buns as I felt Em straddle my hips.

Nakec the last spasm of pleasure had faded, I could hear her draw a deep, ragged breath, followed by her body swaying slightly over mine. Still, as nakec evening went on, both were my niece naked and down several times for various reasons. Understanding that I was ready to help her move, she let me guide her off of me and to a sitting position; from there, it was easy enough to get her laid out next to me so I could get my arms around her.


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When my pelvis was touching hers again, she opened her eyes and softly declared "Dear god, that's good. The increased force of my thrusts into her resulted in a dramatic increase in her arousal. After Emma's firm ass settled onto the tops of my thighs, a few seconds passed before Becky moved to reverse the direction she was facing—giving me a view I could only have hoped for: the smooth expanse of her bare mons, with the mounds of her breasts my niece naked out from her chest as a background.

I knew my efforts were appreciated from the increasing frequency and volume of the noises Emma made, and the way her nipples grew progressively longer. We got along well enough, in fact, that we eventually trusted each other with our respective deepest secrets, and even did more than a little necking with each other once both of us hit puberty… though we never went "all the way".