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Moms massage stories

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Moms massage stories

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Somehow, in spite of my family, I never became an athlete, I just did not have the body. I reed myself to ing a computer club moms massage stories learnt some Internet skills. At the club, we had free, unrestricted access to the Internet. I was initially put off by the pictures of the leering, seductive women, they were just too fake. Then a buddy of mine gave me an Internet address and told me to check it out.

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I kissed Mom deeply as I plunged my throbbing cock into her dripping wet pussy. I did as soon as possible.

Life was tough and she would always give me advice about studying hard to get a good job. They consummated their relationship immediately. When it reached her open slit.

Her body responded immediately. Did she plan this from the beginning?

I take a quick gasp of breath—a sharp intake. After a couple of minutes, she calmed down. Her hips were thrusting moms massage stories my hand and she was breathing hard masssage she moaned, "I'm going to sleep now. The rotation really felt good and I knew I wasn't going to last much longer. I just know that I do not want her to stop.

I could almost feel her clitoris against my dick.

At five-foot-five, my weight is good at about pounds. Mom's nipples were also erect after I soaped them a few minutes.

Mother and son massage story - free hardcore story on

I hesitated for a moment, then ed her at the table. I guess Sara heard me sigh.

After washing the cup, mum turned to face me. I have dark wavy hair, stoties generally to just below the shoulders. I became bolder and moved my hands higher to the level of the towel.

I looked at her face and she had her eyes closed and a smile on her lips. Im twenty four years old now, and Ive been fucking my Mom nightly for the past seven years. It was a Saturday, so she didn't have to work.

Mom massage stories

I mome never seemed to want to spend the energy to pursue finding a boyfriend, and no one pursued me. I drove my tongue deep inside her and I felt her juices pour into my mouth I continued licking until I felt her tremble into an atomic orgasem. Mom immediately stopped jerking my dick and before I could ask why she had stopped, she had her mouth over my cock and was bobbing her head up and down, moms massage stories hands rubbing and massaging my balls.

I got up on the mattress and Mom started oiling up her hands. So I do as I am told, I turn over on my back, pretending that nothing is amiss.

I don't mind. I work a secretarial job and she goes to the local community college.

Mom stood there in front of me topless, in her black lace panties with one hand on her hip and storiss another drink of her Vodka. I was initially put off by the pictures of moms massage stories leering, seductive women, they were just too fake. I sensed she was ready to fuck but wanted to maintain the pretense that it wasn't wrong if she was "asleep". I masturbated a second time, then went to sleep with dreams of my mum being fucked by me.

I see that she is completely naked, realizing that she must have been this way massagf since she returned from the bathroom to work on my front.

Moms massage - erotic story

I want her to know the pleasure she is giving me, my pelvis rising into her hand, my hands gripping the sheets tightly, my face contorted in joy. She began an up and down motion which was incredible. She spends what seems like an eternity on my breasts, my nipples, my belly and chest. I told her I moms massage stories to fuck her tits, and to get on etories back.

As I rubbed the back of her knees, I gently pressed her legs apart. She is working her hands up and down my back, moms massage stories into my sore spots. I got up and went to inspect, not bothering to pull up my pants. It was awkward for about a week as we never spoke of the events of that night or the events of what happened but I can tell you she always waits for me to come home now so she can massage my back.

She does my arms next, not missing any part of my body. Some days I would sit and watch as they massaged each other from head to feet.

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Somehow, in spite of my family, I never became an athlete, I just did not have the body. I gasped as I felt the delicious warmth of her pussy squeezing on my knob. This time my kneading of her thighs exposed her pubic area!

I went to my room and quickly relieved the pressure by beating my meat with visions of mom's cunt fresh in my mind. This pushes my pelvis further into the bed, and I can feel myself getting turned on again.

I figure, great, I would love a massage. The next day was Saturday. After that mom would give her a massage. I was enjoying an unobstructed view of her bush. I was really getting excited and knew I was going to come soon.

College son takes mother during a massage

Mom, now sitting up, reached up and took hold of my ass with her hands and ,oms me closer to her as I jerked my cock off into her mouth. I almost fall asleep waiting for her return, I am so relaxed.

I mounted her and penetrated fully. I lie there in bliss, assuming the massage is over, grateful that she has not said a word and is just letting me absorb the feeing mom both pure pleasure and relaxation, and yet paradoxically this heightened arousal.