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Lesbian strip bars

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Lesbian strip bars

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I enjoy going to strip clubs with my husband.

Share this:. Some love them, some are deeply offended by them.


I am wondering if lesbians and bisexual women go to strip lesbian strip bars. Are there strip clubs just for lesbians? As a matter of fact I have worked at clubs that cater to women on certain nights of sgrip week. Models depicted are not connected to subject matter. A segment of the lesbian community condemns it, says Lillian Faderman, a Fresno State historian, lesbian and former stripper we hit the trifecta with that one.

The magazine has since folded. That would be an ideal environment.

While I sfrip not know of any lesbian specific clubs in my city I know that some exist in other cities. Repeated violations will be subject to a posting ban.

Are there strip clubs just for lesbians? – dare to aks

Or is the whole idea of stripping and dancing for money offensive to lesbians? For itinerary help, tell us what you already have planned, your personal interests, and what you are looking to experience in the city.

David, 47, Knoxville, Tenn. It can be difficult to make a go of it when a large chunk of your demographic finds the very idea repugnant, the editor-in-chief of On Our Backs told us a few years ago.

We reserve the right to remove anything that doesn't fit the subreddit's goal of asking and answering questions about NYC. Yes bisexual and lesbians go to the clubs. lesbiab

Please reserve your downvotes for posts and comments that are off-topic or offensive. Take pornographic magazines geared toward lesbians. Also guys I am sorry to lesbian strip bars it is true that a lot of dancers are lesbians or at least bisexual themselves. My lesbian friends have a variety of opinions on stripclubs. Rebecca, 26, lesbian, Kansas City, Kan.

Users are more than happy to help answer your questions and offer guidance. To me, it was just as much of a turn on, as it was a turn off. Barz restaurant recommendations, please give us an idea of cuisines you like, and your rough budget.

I have also met a couple of women who strip for a living and they have commented that they do enjoy it when women come into the strop — women are much more sensual, less aggressive and offensive, and a nice change of pace from the men. I found it more fun than arousing.

to DareToAks or up here. If you aren't, don't comment.

Not only does it turn my husband on, but I really enjoy getting a table dance from a sexy, gorgeous woman. Before posting, consider whether you're providing useful information. Thank you for your contribution!

Feel free to ask any of your NYC-related questions here. Erotic dancing is no different.

Lesbian-friendly strip clubs? : asknyc

Remember: the more you tell us, the more we can help you! If your question is not answered to your liking, feel free to post it again Tips for Asking a Good Question Use a descriptive title and be as specific as possible in lesbian strip bars text of your post. For hotel recommendations, lesbiaan give us the dates you plan to stay, your nightly budget and the area where you are going to be or want to be.