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I want to cuckold my boyfriend

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I want to cuckold my boyfriend

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One day my daughter had went out

Age: 41
Relationship Status: Actively looking
Seeking: Wants Man
City: Rittman, LaCygne
Hair: Ultra long
Relation Type: Dbf Seeking Serious Relationship

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I suddenly found myself excited by his enthusiasm. Not with Owen, but I need to go all the way, I can't stop now.

Out of all of them though, there were only a couple of guys who had sent pictures that Bboyfriend found attractive, one of which turned out to be an interessting and down to earth guy with a great body. They didn't really love me enough to be honest and straightforward with me. My boyfriend isn't very dominant he's a little submissive in the bedroom sometimes He wants to marry me and grow old with obyfriend he says.

It was psychologically traumatic to know that no matter what Boyfridnd did, my tiny clittie was inadequate. I couldn't take my mind off of it, I just couldn't focus on anything that morning and decided to see what would happen if I put an ad online for a casual encounter.

My boyfriend is a cuckold who wants me to sleep with other men

He was heartbroken at first, but eventually became excited and incredibly turned on, I've never seen his penis so hard and even his size was a bit more. I stood over him, thrusting my hips out so he could see my red and swollen pussy. It took some pretty extensive domination from My First Wife to overcome my male ego. After he mentioned this more than a couple of times, I tried to figure out how I could make his fantasy come true.

Confessions from my boyfriend who is a cuckold fetish

Near the end of our relationship I really started to dislike his attitude towards life. I must admit, it took me awhile to accept the cocksucking and sissypussy fucking part of it. I was not a "Real Man. Trevor was at work, waiting on my every text. It was something that I had been keeping boyfriebd me for my whole sexual life, and having it out in the open felt incredible. Ccuckold my orgasm died down I stood up and walked over to my bf.

Me and Josh were lying in bed one night when I had convinced my bf I was going out to my friends house for a party.

He wants me to cuckold him!!! -

I tried to keep up a facade of liking him, but secretly I really just resented his lifestyle. I never felt closer to my wife than during those exquisitely pleasurable cuck N Bull sessions.

He wanted me to do it again for him. We ended up staying together quite a while longer, and eventually broke up for other reasons. He told me that it drove him especially wild knowing I was wearing that. This is where I learned that I love to humiliate people : When Cuckolv decided to try this, I started feeling so powerful.

The ones who make my breath catch and my knees weak. Nonetheless, I felt pride in being submissive to my wife and in being able to make her proud by obeying her commands and by providing Her Lovers with such pleasure. We've been together 3 years but the past year I've had a secret fantasy to cuckold him.

I discovered that I could become an accomplished cocksucker and it was sooooo exciting the first time a Black Bull lost control and shot that sweet, creamy male nectar into my soft, velvety puzzymouth. I tried to put on a show and act like a pornstar, just so my bf would feel even more jealous.

Grabbing and pulling my hair, spanking me, even sometimes ing in with my insults. I decided to be honest, "Yeah, I want to, a lot. I'm 28 years old, and would describe myself as not an exceptionally nice person, although not horible or anything cuckpld that. I've just been browsing this blog a lot ,y decided to post this story, just to have a way to tell it, I don't normally get the chance to but I like reliving it and, as I said, it's hard to find guys who would take this.


Moreover, I discovered that cucjold were some things sexual that I could do well. However, the ultimate reward was when he couldn't control himself anymore and plunged deeply into my pussy and shot load after load mu hot cum into my hot little sissypussy as he groaned and cried out with pleasure. I pushed him away playfully and said something like "I don't need to be naked to give you a bj.

Then my bf opened the bedroom door.

I moved closer to him and began to take off his jeans, he unhooked my bra. And I opened the door. I started moaning again, and my bf backed against the wall and slid down onto the ground.

How to cuckold my boyfriend? : cuckold

Wink wink. He moved closer to me and took off my dressing gown, taking a bofriend back and looking at my body telling me I look sexy. It was like his dream come true. The interesting thing about your question, Raye, is that I feel your boyfriend needs more advice than you do. Feels good to actually type this out. He asked me tons of questions.

Afterwards, I was actually very proud of the fact I was really able to go through with it and even prouder of the fact that the Black Bull loved it. Although I initialy feared being ripped apart by a Bull's Dick, My First Wife trained me with progressively larger Cuckolx Plugs so that I was stretcarbonsmudged, open and able to take even her largest Lover. It felt soooo good to know that I was contributing to her sexual satisfaction and was helping her to experience such incredible mental and psychological highs.