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Husband slave stories

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Husband slave stories

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My name is John. I am and have always been a sexual submissive. It took me a while to accept this…but finally I have, and truly love serving. As Popeye says "I am what I am". I have been fortunate enough to play the submissive role for a few ladies.

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During this trip, I came across MarriageHeat. Not just know, Would you like your slave to lick your fanny?

I was still in a daze. You xtories come just inside the door and wait for further instructions. After idling a couple of miles back, they finally separated. She then crossed her left leg over her right. I drifted off soon after.

We're going to train you to be just the way we want, which may or may not be part of your fantasies. I then walked back and started to fix myself a plate. She was so perceptive.

Move between our chairs, and get on all fours. Do you think you would desire women the way you do? She still wore her leather flats. The waitress showed back up with our food. But it always seemed there was something missing.

My husbands sex slave

To think that a week ago being with a man would be the furthest thing from my mind, and now I was broken to the point where I was a cocksucker. You are really our slave now. After the stream of audio husband slave stories, she sent me a slage articles from MarriageHeat. You don't mind, do you John?

I obeyed. We are very demanding John. I guess everyone was at church. The person is a man, I told him. Their seat was less than a foot off the floor, so I was half kneeling and half laying.

My husband as my slave - free hardcore story on

We boated and fished the rest of the day. I am and have always been a sexual submissive. So we asked them if they would mind bringing her to our next party.

Not only with this question but all of them, no matter how personal. In fact, we still do. A minute later the doorbell rang, and hubby was ordered to answer it. They were always busy fishing, traveling, and sometimes taking separate vacations.

Becoming my wife's slave ~ married sex stories - erotica - marriage sex blogs

You will also wear this collar as a symbol of your submission. She forced me to my knees, propped slavf one leg and demanded that I chew on her pussy.

Then I heard the moans of delight. Her foot kept getting lower and lower.

Tom married his high school sweetheart, Sheila. The taste was a little salty, but not revolting at all.

And that was all right, after all, I was the one with the different sexuality. About this time my dick was actually throbbing. I turned my attention back to worshipping his wife's foot.

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Being a bachelor for several years, I had taught myself to be a pretty good cook. She put her foot on my chest and leaned her weight on it. How about Joanie? That's when one of the couples acquired a slave. His dick was already hard again.

Bdsm library - story: husband slave, chapter: part 1

For what, I didn't know. By the time my mind processed what she had said, it was too late to really respond.

During my teenage I was in love wirh a guy who used to do all foreplay on my body and even made husbajd suck his cock a couple of times husband slave stories made me drink his juices xlave and I loved the taste of it also the way he has used my body so roughly and give all marks around my sexy fair milky white body too. Her smile told me I didn't have to.

He then removed his robe, and threw it on the chair. He was sitting on the edge of the seat and his balls were lying storiess my face. But, the humiliation of being forced to dress and act like their slut had a very profound effect on me.

I didn't say anything.