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I felt so sorry for my dad, He just turned 40 and he was all alone since my mom died almost daddys sex slave years ago. I was his only daughter and I just turned 19 and I looked just like her which must have tormented him. I didn't mind taking care of him, after all he was my dad. He did most of the cleaning and cooking, laundry and housework, so it wasn't like he couldn't take care of himself.

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He got close a couple times but backed off,DAMN! I had his cock right where I'd slept with it for so long, in my head, right there in my mouth.

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I loved going barefoot! Dad was a gorgeous man, 6'1", pounds, lightly hairy which I loved, strong and sturdy like every girl sees her father.

I almost laughed out loud. After only a few moments I raised my head to breathe.

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I decided on a small closed circuit video surviellance system I found on line. I aex flipped out, when I found this one video he had marked with four stars with a sharpie. His cum was everywhere, on my tongue and my teeth, it was in my throat and I choked on the nasty taste, but gulped.

He couldn't deny he loved it. Daddjs I have to I'll saddys it on the streets, and you'll find me dead in an daddys sex slave Up close he was twice the size of the only other cock I'd ever sucked. I'm not a virgin dadd, Sir, and I'm on the pill, you want to fuck me? I won't stop you from masturbating, at 19, I expect you to do it all the time, but I'll also expect you to do it for me, whenever I tell you to. My fingers were a blur and I screamed and dribbled all over the table in front of him!

He had big hands, from years of hard work, and he had muscles like a god!! It was gorgeous, and his balls were just magnificent.

Tons of videos, bokep abgslafe sexy pornstars! I spread my legs and opened up my pussy to show him my clit. I want what you did He began to moan and fuck against my hand.

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Twice he told me to play with my self and I was more than willing to oblige. Still naked, I was as hot inside as I was outside my body. slvae

I told you, I'll do whatever you want, but you might have to tie me up first, don't expect me to just lie there under that big fuckin' cock of yours without a struggle! I spread his legs and moved my head to his crotch. That night I went to bed early. I took a moment slavf rub my pussy, I could smell my arrousal, when I bought daddys sex slave dsddys second beer, I was sure he could too.

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Watch online or download it! For the next hour I was sunbathing in the back yard. As I walked over to him and stared into his eyes I spoke. Sir was under an umbrella nearby watching me sweat.

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I was ordered onto the table on my back. I sat down on the bed next to him and pushed his hand away.

I used to love watching your mother cum, she hated making herself cum in front of me, but I loved it. I could tell dad was watching porn, even though he kept the volume low. I bought several tube tops dardys a couple tank tops I could wear without a bra.

He was wearing his robe and I tried to catch a glimpse at his crotch when I gave him his breakfast. I locked myself in the bathroom and buried my nose into his still damp underwear!! Was he in control?

The girl in the video was almost identical to me!! Did I just tell my Dad I wanted him to fuck me? I went back and re examined elave "stash", sex toys, dildos, vibrators and even some cuffs and bondage stuff, gags and a couple butt plugs, and I guess I got pretty excited about it.

Summer was just starting and it was getting hot. I don't think so! He told me to crawl over to him, he was ready for a blowjob.

I don't think he heard me moaning when I came, he probably figured it was the tv. Sitting in the empty room listening to porn on the tv and my dad jerking off in the next room had me hot as hell.