1. お申し込み / Contact us

APPLY NOWより新規会員登録を行ってください。
Lets us know more about yourself.

2. 決済情報のご登録 / Register payment information

WORK SPACEご利用にはクレジットカードのご登録が必要となります。
The charge of workspace is automatically deducted, so please register your credit card information.

3. スマートロックキーの発行 / Preview

Once you registered payment information, you will get your smart lock key via e-mail.

4. イン・アンド・ゴー! / IN-N-GO!

Now you can IN-N-GO at BathHaus! The fee will be charged from the registered credit card the next day according to the entry / exit time of the day. Here we go!

*月額利用、1DAYの事前ご予約はマイページ内「BOOK A CHILL& WORK DAY」より行うことができます。
If you would like to appy for monthly use or advance reservation of 1DAY, you can make it from "BOOK A CHILL & WORK DAY" in your account page.