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Annies massage bangkok

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Annies massage bangkok

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All staff and services will now be found there under the name Annies massage bangkok. With customers from all over the world including expatriates, Annie's special service is renowned for it's "well you all know what" This is Bangkok massage is it not? When visiting Annie's you can be sure of Customer Service with a Personalised feel, Choice of up to girls, Open Attitude, No clock watching, Competitive Prices, Free Nangkok Internet, Fully stocked bar, Food, frank and honest recommendations about our staff and much more.

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She is a clever lady as in well educated which is not normal for this type of lady in this work.

Annie’s sauna & massage | bangkok post: lifestyle

Seems good service, hard working lady. Porntaweesomwong from Chokchai Police Station ordered his men to track the driver down and bring him in for questioning which took all of ten minutes as his identification was easy to see in the video clip. Description: Good English, friendly in the room massaeg always seem happy good to OK service. Annies massage bangkok good soapy and good overall service.

I will be honest when she first came back she was a bit hit and miss as she had work for another place that let her get away without at least keeping some form of standards but she got out of that pretty fast. Came in say one and takes a load of the regathers over to her and brought her regular customers from another place with her.

All Annie's standards. Tiny short slim little devil. Description: A real high quality service with this lady, not the best English but she is still good. She is a mamassan meaning, she is very very experienced but this does not mean she does anything to anything animal mineral or vegetable, it annies massage bangkok she knows what she is doing. I am sure also once she has had more work time she will gain that stronger work style and more mature face if that is what you like.

See some example comments below that have been cut and paste from forums and blogs about Bangkok Massage "Great time at Annie's came in to Annie's first time, and had the best of time! I actually like her the person and I can see her doing very well and lasting a long time here. 3 Age: ate 20's early annies massage bangkok Body Type: Light to medium skin, slim, well shaped small chest natural, medium to tall height, very well maintained semi athletic body, slim build but not skinny.

General one of the most stable ladies we have had, always here, never misses a day, seems to get on well with all customers. Professional approach to her work. Mamassan Age: Late 30's Body type: Medium to slim, short hair, small chest, medium to white skin, firm body all over. Aannies More new ladies.

Bangkok info guide : annies massage - sukhumvit

Has worked for us for a banvkok time already, but did not want pictures on the internet now changed her mind. Description: This is not a bad thing to wrote but this is a tough young lady. So good looks, good service, and can make anyone feel at ease but with a strong fiery edge she is a star.

Hard working lady like all tomboys, All Annie's standards, customers say she is a bit annoes but smart enough. All staff and services will now be found there under the name Chrome. 28 Age: Late 20's Body Type: medium skin to light tone, medium natural chest, medium to tall annies massage bangkok, has hips and a sort of bubble but.

Annie’s sauna & massage | bangkok post: lifestyle

All is well now. Great English, great service, smart, elegant, really knows the work. If you like a young soft lady that takes everything a step at a time then she is for you. She is not a beauty but has more than enough looks and the service compensates for it.

The world famous annie's soapy massage bangkok suckhamvit bangkok nana area telephone 02

Lots of repeat customers has been with us for a while and only just asked for pictures to be put on the website even though she has many on out social media s. Sporty Description: Been in the industry since She has a quiet exterior but is actually lively and outgoing.

Offers all Annie's standards. Very good English very smart and annies massage bangkok super lady to work for us. Not really recomended for takeout but if you wanted to then she likes staying in or eating thai food when going out. Description: Yet another one of our many new ladies. Description: Medium English but general not a big talker at first, very nice and sweet service style, hard working lady, dose not smile a lot, professional to the last.

I promise you will not only thank us for annies massage bangkok, you will as well book more ahead and be anxiously awaiting your next trip for a miraculous ladybug episode of being massaged as well as given the other things if you know what I mean. She is a top 5 lady from day 1. Works all most all days all the time as anniies overtime as much as she can.

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Quite, polite, not very outgoing. Offers ok soapy.

Low English but leaning. From day one a professional from start to end.

I would regard her as having a softer approach in the room by choice but can also offer other style on request due to her experience. Some people love it some do not, I love it. 6 Age:medium 20's Banhkok Type: white white skin, medium to small natural chest, medium height, slim build, soft shape.

One of the few ladies that annies massage bangkok have had working for us that carries a certain type of young cuteness but on the other hand looks a little cheeky with it, mostly when she smiles. Stickboy BKK A motorbike taxi driver has been arrested and charged by police in Bangkok after smartphone footage of him assaulting a pedestrian went viral. Gets lots abngkok attention bevause she has a sweet looking face and very clean body but masxage very dark dark skin.

Description: Although new to us she is not new to the industry and knows what she is doing, comes from another similar style business known for its more open style service room.