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Akron lost pets

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Akron lost pets

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Bring your pet in to our Clinic to be microchipped.

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You may also visit Petfinder. Thisalong with information about the owner and pet, are added to a national registry.

If no chip is found, we suggest posting flyers in the area that the animal was found. If you feel that we may have rescued your missing pet, please to make arrangements for a meeting.

Did you know that getting lost akroh the No. Post where the animal was found and a photo if possible. Please bring with you items such as photos to help assist with the identification.

Adoption center

It only takes a minute. You will be secure in knowing you have taken all the necessary steps to assist in the safe return of your pet. One in three pets goes missing during its lifetime and without identification, 90 percent of pets never return home.

Try to keep some details private to use as questions when someone tries to claim the animal. Contact your microchip company to place a lost pet alert. Have you found a litter of kittens?

Lost and found pets database akron, oh

Akron lost pets does microchip identification work? Post a photo on your social media s and ask friends to share. Post flyers in your neighborhood to alert others that the pet is missing. Ask us about buying or renewing your Summit County dog. As a second line of defense, consider microchipping your pet when possible.

Pet products and novelties are sold to defray ongoing expenses associated with our rescue mission. This procedure is as easy and as painless as a vaccination. Please call us at to make an appointment. Tags are available at the Adoption Center and will offer pet owners a peace of mind. If you have lost your pet, remember that time is of the essence when trying to locate them.

Lost dogs in akron, oh - lost my doggie

Two Convenient Locations. Bring your pet in to our Clinic to be microchipped. Each microchip has a unique.

Microchip implantation causes no more discomfort than a vaccination and is a simple one-time insertion with a syringe. What is microchipping?

Lost cats in akron, oh - lost my kitty

For more information, visit the HomeAgain website. We wish we could help every person calling us; however, it is not always possible. If a lost pet is found, and the microchip is scanned, the registry is called and the owner akron lost pets contacted. Most veterinarians and animal shelters have electronic scanners for detecting and reading these implanted microchips.

Almost all humane organizations have scanners that read microchip IDs. Collars and tags can become lost from your pet but a microchip is permanent!

Pet fbi | information center for lost and found pets

If a chip is found, we will work with you to contact the owners on record. The Division of Animal Control operates under the strict policy of holding d animals for 14 days before evaluating the pet for adoption; whereas, non-d animals are evaluated after three days. You can rest easy knowing your pet is protected — whether you are at home or you take them out of town.

To assist owners in finding refuge for pets they can no longer care for, a list of other rescue akron lost pets and shelters is provided to anyone requesting help.

Learn what to do. All dogs must have a in the state of Ohio. A microchip is a tiny electronic device, about the size and shape of a grain of rice. A tag with outdated information is not effective.